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The importance of Temperature control in the childcare Environment

The importance of Temperature control in the childcare Environment

May 27, 2024

David Kelly

Enjoy natural cooling and freshness on your skin

The conveniently equipped air coolers PAE 80 and PAE 81 with remote control provide a fresh breeze and quick cooling in the heat of summer. Not colourless but trendy is what describes the housing colours black and white, which make the PAE air coolers stand out elegantly from the crowd. The PAE 80 presents itself with perfectly shaped elegance and a silky matt black surface. Those who prefer a classic look will opt for the PAE 81 with a matt white housing colour. No matter which 4-in-1 room cooler (air cooling, ventilation, air purification and humidification) you choose – both devices guarantee an incomparably invigorating cooling effect with their icy fresh air flow. The four-stage adjustable fan cools down heated living spaces, conservatories, attic flats, sales rooms, shops, restaurants, offices etc. to pleasant room temperatures in no time at all. Furthermore, the air coolers clean and humidify the room air to spoil you with clean and optimally humidified cold air.
The highlight:
 for space-saving storage, each of the two air coolers PAE 80 and PAE 81 can simply be put together, thus reducing its height from 111.5 cm to a compact 70.5 cm.

Naturally effective evaporation cooling that pays off

The energy-efficient honeycomb cooling technology of the air coolers PAE 80 / PAE 81 is something you know from nature. Once a fresh breeze blows over damp skin, you immediately feel a pleasant cooling sensation. This cooling effect is caused by evaporation. The thermal energy required for this is withdrawn from the room air, which causes the temperature to drop noticeably. All air coolers of the PAE series make use of this natural cooling principle with their cold water or ice water filling. Once the room air flows through the humid honeycomb filters, it is cooled down as thermal energy is withdrawn. Then, the air is humidified with cold or ice-cold water to be freed from annoying dust and animal hair in the air filter afterwards and to be finally emitted into the room as an icy fresh air current. No chemicals, no power-consuming cooling compressors and no disturbing exhaust air hoses are used in this process. 

The hotter the summer, the more intense the cooling effect

Unlike air conditioners with cooling compressors, which sooner or later reach their performance limits at record temperatures, the cooling capacity of the PAE 80 and PAE 81 even increases as temperatures rise. The warmer the room, the faster the water evaporates inside the honeycomb filter and the more evaporation heat is withdrawn from the air. So you can always rely on the cooling capacity of the air cooler to keep up with outside temperatures. 

An unbeatable team: available in two colours and performance classes

With an impressive air flow rate of 1,000 m³/h and a generous 60-litre water tank, the air coolers PAE 80 and PAE 81 are recommended for use in rooms sized up to 80 m² or 200 m³. In smaller rooms of up to 72 m² or 180 m, the air coolers PAE 60 and PAE 61 generate a fresh breeze with an air flow rate of 900 m³/h.